Benefits of Opting for an External Wall Insulation in Your Property

Out of the many ways of achieve energy efficiency in a property, the method of external wall insulation (EWI) is considered to be the most significant. This method involves covering the external walls with a blanket like material to prevent heat loss and keep the house warm and cosy. 

Given below, are a few essential factors which would help you gain a better understanding about the same.

  • The process involves covering the external walls with a sheet of polystyrene or the EPS, mineral wool or phenolic foam that can effectively achieve energy efficiency.
  • The prevention of heat loss results in lowered electricity bills and can help you save up to 35% of your expenses over a year.
  • External wall insulation can also be extremely beneficial for commercial properties, and assist in reducing carbon emission in the atmosphere. Studies show that a well-insulated property emits 50% lesser carbon than a non-insulated one. 
  • The biggest advantage of getting EWI is that none of the family members need to relocate from the house. Also, every piece of furniture can be stationed at its original location without getting displaced.
  • The process is quite safe for the homeowners as the risk of losing the valuables also reduces to a great extent as wrapping is supposed to be done on the exterior walls. Thus, none of your daily activities get disturbed.
  • The entire process can also add an extra value to your property hence increasing its resale value. No buyer can reject an energy efficient property; and you can secure a profitable edge as well. 
  • The look of the property also enhances in the process, if you coat the insulation with an final acrylic rendering with your choicest texture or colour. 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, EWI also prevents water leakage, noise pollution, condensation of the walls and extends the life of the property as a whole. Hence, if you are looking for getting an EWI done to your home or office, Rendcem (UK) Limited in Wolverhampton or Solihull is where you need to contact. Get in touch with them right away!