textured coating

Give a new appearance to your property with Textured Coating

Refurbishing your property has no end even if you do it frequently. You can go to the extent of incorporating every idea to keep up with the ongoing trend. And the trend is ever so dynamic. Interior decoration was considered to be a part of the luxurious living even a decade ago. But, now colours and textures have taken a special place at every household.  Decorating the walls have changed from simple shades to textured coating, which can ensure an elegant and stylish finish to your property. 

What is the utmost important thing about wall decoration during the present time?

  • Textured coating has taken the world with a stir. It offers a nice finish to the walls and goes easy on you at every step starting from the coating, application process to price. It doesn’t need an additional primer. 
  • The consistency is thick and suffices the need for an extra coating. It solves the issue by fixing the joints. It can also ensure the best quality at a low price. 
  • You can use textured coating according to your requirements and specifications. It is premixed, and, you just have to blend the product and start applying. 
  • This mixture has sand in it that provides the real texture in the coating. You can also use it without the help of a professional expert. 

How to apply Textured Coating Product?

This kind of coating comes in two packets. One of them contains the base and another contains the element that creates the texture. Sand is given along with the product for texturing.  As the ultimate result, the finish will be elegant without any flaw. 

Textured coating has become the first priority for any interior decoration. Be it residential or commercial this paint can give a whole new touch to the appearance. If you happen to be in Solihull or Wolverhampton and want services on internal rendering and textured coating then get in touch with Rendcem (UK) Limited. We are experienced professionals that ensure the best services in the industry. Contact us right away to know about the details.